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       Krieger Racing Engines takes pride in that we are a long time family owned business. We strive to keep the family values in our
customer service. It all started out as a hobby working on muscle cars and racing engines which turned into a full time job in 1973 for the
business founder Mark Krieger.  Mark  decided that he wanted to make the hobby of working on cars and   engines his job. So, he rented
a shop in downtown Stroh and began Krieger's Garage. As the business grew, Fred, Mark's son began to help out when he could. Fred
realized that he too shared the enjoyment of  working on engines and muscle cars. As the auto repair business grew the struggle to
operate the business proved too much for one person so in 1987 Mark's wife Becky, quit her full time job to be the office manager.
       The auto business went on to grow for over 40 years but the guys had always dreamed of opening a full engine building and machine
shop for high performance and racing engines. In 2002, plans were made to open a full time engine building shop, by 2005 the new shop
was up and running!  In 2012 as the engine building business had outgrown the facility it was started in, it was moved to its present
location in Stroh IN,  the decision to close the auto repair business was made at this time. Fred's wife Molly also came onboard at this
time as marketing manager and office assistant. We now run a full racing engine/ machine shop to fill all your engine needs! We offer an
in house full machine shop. Dyno services are also offered for your engine testing needs.